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On cheating... Oct. 12th, 2009 @ 11:49 am
Bought Wii Fit Plus even though we don't have the money, so I'm hoping I'll actually use it (as I mostly kinda did with the Wii Fit) and start really losing some weight. Also bought Fable 2, unrelated except that my justification was that it was (used) 26 bucks and Wii Fit Plus (which we *need*) was 20, so we really only spent 6 dollars.

The great part is that I managed to convince hubby of this. :)

But lo, we started playing Fable last night (Eugene started a character anyway) and a friend came online. Fable 2 has these orb things that really take you out of the game if you're playing on xbox live, which we were. I think they're creepy looking and ruin the atmosphere, but I guess if you're a hardcore multiplayer everything-must-be-with-a-party player it's ok. Anyway, the friend came on and gave Eugene 700,000 gold. Considering he was struggling to get a few hundred at that point in the game, this was a huge amount.

My first thought is, "Hey! That's cheating!" But when I voiced that thought Eugene gave me the "kinda agree with you but going to do it anyway" and was soon happily buying stores and houses, not to mention reaping the benefits of giving away 50,000 gold to a nearby beggar (yeah your "good" value shoots right up there).

I have problems with this for the same reason that I have problems with watching a movie in fullscreen ("crap") mode or reading the last page of a book first. It doesn't seem to be what the creater of the entertainment intended. You don't get to see the full movie, feel the suspense of a book, or experience gameplay where there is actual struggle. Now, maybe the designers expected players to do this...but if so, then gameplay must be skewed towards multiplayer in what is really, let's face it, a single player game at heart. That would feel artificial and harsh towards those who prefer a more role-play experience, which is what Fable is supposedly all about, right? With the whole choices and consequences thing?

Anyway, all that to say that when I start playing, if you see me online, please don't be offended that I've turned off the orb things and won't accept gifts. And I guess I shouldn't expect anything better from someone who knows all the cheat codes for Sims by heart.
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Just because I seem to have posted every other time... Jul. 14th, 2009 @ 10:18 am

Current Location: home in my new house, yay!
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A quick rant... May. 31st, 2009 @ 10:59 am
I'm pretty frustrated. Why does buying a house have to be such a pain? I should be able to say, hey, this is a house I would like to buy, how much is it? And then the seller should tell me the actual price that they need to sell it for, not some made up number that they wish some sucker would fall for. And I'd say, ok, here's some money or sorry, that's too much...and that's it.

Why oh why is that not it??

Why do people feel that they need to play games with buying a house? My FiL keeps telling us to "never offer a round number, that way it sounds bigger". My mom informs me that "inspectors never find everything, make sure you find out what the seller isn't telling you that's wrong with the house." And when we finally did put in an official offer the seller's agent who before had said the seller was "super motivated and needs to get out of the house soon" changed her mind. She rejected the offer (which was reasonable) without even an official counter and told us that "the seller doesn't really need to sell the house, and we won't even look at an offer under" a crazy price that is way more than the house is worth.

Why not just counter offer if you're wanting to negotiate? Why play games???


I'm just stressed about it because we're on a pretty tight timeline here, as we need to be out of the apartment in August. I just don't want to deal with a month to month rent or worse, moving in with parents for a bit. I just want to buy a house. Come on people.
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Being social... Mar. 3rd, 2009 @ 03:18 pm
I've had way too many periods of being bored online lately. I can tell because I appear to have signed up for a number of things I'm not really sure I'll actually use. Troubled by this thought, I took a look at what all I'm actually supposedly *doing* online, and after finding 6 or 7 blogs, a ton of random "social" sites, lots of picture sites and almost no content on any of these, I've decided to consolidate.

Here are the sites I'm actually going to attempt to keep up with...on some level.
  • LiveJournal. Mostly just so I can keep up with people when they want to write slightly more than 140 characters.
  • Twitter. Because I tend to only write 140 characters, and it's fun.
  • LibraryThing. I just put in all the books that I have unpacked at my apartment. Not sure how much I have left, but I love the idea of having my whole library available via iPhone whenever I need it. I just wish the site was a little less cluttered.
  • lifeasgeek.com This is now my only "real blog" site, and all future "real posts" will go here. (ie non-LJ) Nothing much there atm.
  • Ravelry. I just love the idea of a social knitting site, and I really want to organize all my stash/needles/patterns here and post updates and pictures of knitting etc...I just haven't yet.
  • FanFiction.net Because all writers need to blow off steam and write something silly and fun at least once in a while. Granted, I really haven't been on here much since college, but I think I will yet.
  • Flickr.  Just to support Ravelry really.  (hence no link)
I think that's it as far as social sites go.  Of course, I can't give up my list sites (Remember the Milk and LifeTick) or any of my podcasts, but still I think this'll help...some...

::starts looking for life, wondering where she put it::

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